We offer a personalized experience in which you are in control during every step of your journey. Empowerment is a powerful tool to ensure lasting change and confidence to utilize the skills and awareness from sessions within your life.


We provide various mental health services for individuals, groups, couples, family therapy, and community presentations to support our local valley. We work with many different challenges including (but not limited to): trauma, grief, LGBTQ, domestic violence, self-injury, sexual assault, physical assaults, divorce, self-discovery, anger management, anxiety, adjustment challenges, and other challenges that can come up at various times in our life. Please feel free to reach out to explore if we can support you in your process towards mental wellness.


The journey of therapy can be a foreign process, for this reason we would like to introduce you to what you should expect from seeking counseling services with us:
At the beginning of therapy, the initial intake will be 1-1 ½ hours for us to explore important background information. During this time, you are given the chance to get to know who you are working with and to allow you to make an informed decision of your mental health journey. We encourage empowerment of your journey by choosing the right therapist for you. If you feel like your provider is not a good fit, please feel free to contact our client care coordinator to assess others options. In the process of establishing the therapeutic relationship, we will work collaboratively with you to determine the duration and frequency of sessions to reflect your goals. During this time, feel free to ask us any questions you may have about the process of counseling or how your provider can help you in reaching your goals.

The number of sessions will depend on the complexity of your goal, change happens at different rates. You are in control over the process in our sessions. We honor your progress along the way and we are here to support you in any way we can. We trust that you can overcome the challenges of the past/present through the supportive guidance of our trauma informed therapists.


We offer three different levels of counselors to fit your needs and cost range. Our LPC’s (Licensed Professional Counselor) hourly rate is currently $200-$160 for sessions, depending on previous experience. Our LPC’s accept insurance as an in network or out of network provider (depending on your plan). Our LPC Registered Associate’s hourly cash rate fee is $140 for sessions. Our LPC’s and LPC Registered Associates do work with motor accident insurance claims (MVA’s). Our Counseling Student intern’s rates are currently $75 per session with a free 15-30 consultation to get to know them before committing.

Currently, we accept credit cards, insurance, and health saving accounts. We require credit cards to be saved on file so fees/copayments can be collected at the end of your scheduled appointments. We do enforce a no-show fee schedule for any sessions that you have missed. If you have questions surrounding rates for community talks, please contact us for more information.