Our goal is to create a safe supportive environment to explore trauma by teaching skills, providing space for exploration, utilizing trauma informed care, creating integrity, and instilling empowerment.


We first wanted to thank you for your interest in using Rising Phoenix Counseling Services, LLC for your mental health needs. It is truly an honor to be considered to be a part of your treatment team as this is such a personal and intimate role in your life. We hope this website can answer some of your questions in making a choice in a mental health counselor. We want to invite you to make the most informed decision possible for what works for you during this process. The world of mental health can be a challenging one to maneuver, so please contact us if there are any lingering questions.

There are many times in which we have the ability to solve our life challenges without professional guidance. However, there are other times in which we seek help to learn new ways of coping with our life stresses. For many people, asking for help can be a very challenging process. The benefits that can be gained by this decision may create changes which can last for a lifetime. It can be difficult to know where to start with any challenge, as there are always many different aspects and layers of complexity. We want to stress that we will help you to make the best decision in regards to where and how to start this process in the safest way possible. As a trauma informed practice, we will help guide you to start the process in the most effective and safe way. We promise to honor your challenges with the upmost respect and to meet you where you are currently while guiding you toward deeper insight. You get to control the speed of our sessions and how deep we go into your challenges.

During our work together, the therapeutic relationship will be a very close experience in order to help you obtain your therapeutic goals. According to the research, the best predictor of change was not in the form of counseling done but instead found in the strength of the therapeutic relationship. This relationship will be strengthened over time as we gain your trust. We never expect anyone to come into my office and blindly trust us solely because you "should" be able to tell me anything. We see this as having to earn the right to hear your story and know you in such an intimate fashion.

If relationships have been difficult in the past, we will slowly help guide you while always being transparent during the process. There is no expert and client in our office, only two people who together create the environment for healing, growth, and new possibilities. We will explore how the process feels for you and if there is anything that we can do in order to make this experience as beneficial as possible. We do this by gaining feedback from you surrounding what happened during our session. This open communication allows you to teach us what works best for you. For us, feedback is always welcome.

RISING ABOVE THE ASHES: A Statement from the Clinical Director

“As I was creating Rising Phoenix Counseling Services, LLC, I wanted to create a place of healing that is both symbolic and honors the specific challenges associated with choosing the path of grow and healing. During this search, I decided on the idea of the phoenix as it is a symbol of integrity, beauty, virtue, grace, and power. The phoenix is caught within a cycle of death and rebirth as they have to burn down in order to rise above the ashes into something new and beautiful. It has been said that the phoenix takes information from their surroundings and integrating it with their internal process by increased awareness. This is how I see the process of growth after trauma, with every challenge we can make a choice to either allow it to consume us or we can take the gifts (insight) into the next chapter of our life. We can never forget or change what has happened to us in the past, but we can allow that experience to forever change us in a healthy and positive way. No matter what the challenge is that you are faced with, I want to stress that with the proper support there is always hope and the ability to rise anew.” –Sarah May Eilertson, LPC, NCC, CETP


Our mission is to create a safe supportive environment to explore your past hurts by teaching skills, providing space for exploration, utilizing trauma informed care, creating integrity, and instilling empowerment. We are open to all types of lifestyles and will never try to instill our own beliefs on you. You are the expert of your life (and lifestyle you choose) and we are the sounding board for change.