We offer a personalized experience in which you are in control during every step of your journey. Empowerment is a powerful tool to ensure lasting change and confidence to utilize the skills and awareness from sessions within your life.


We provide various different mental health services for individuals, groups, couples, assessments for legal proceedings, family therapy, and community presentations surrounding various areas of interest. We work with many different challenges including: crisis, trauma, grief, LGBTQ, domestic violence, self-injury, sexual assault, physical assaults, suicidal thoughts, divorce, self-discovery, anger management, transgendered transitions, anxiety, eating disorders, addiction, adjustment challenges, and other complicated experiences. If you have any questions surrounding if your individual and complex challenge is something that we can help support you through, please call for clarification.


The journey of therapy can be a foreign process, for this reason we would like to introduce you to what you should expect from seeking counseling services with me.

At the beginning of therapy, the initial intake will be 1 hour in order for us to explore important background information. During this time, you are given the chance to get to know who you are working with and to allow you to make an informed decision surrounding if you would like to work with them. We want to empower you to make sure that your needs are being met during this process. We want to stress that you do not have an obligation to work with me, unless you choose to work with us. All sessions after the initial intake, sessions will run for 50 minutes to 1 hour once a week (unless we decide more or less care is needed). During this time we will discuss safety plans (if needed) for both in and outside of sessions in the event that you find yourself in a situation that you cannot safely handle on your own. This will be a safe guard for providing you with the best possible care. After we have assessed goals for therapy and developed a mutually agreed upon safety plan, we will start the process of exploring past hurts in order to put all the puzzle pieces together for how this challenge is currently effecting you.

The amount of sessions will depend on the complexity of your goal and will be discussed with you so you have an expectation about the duration of therapy. It is always important to remember that change can happen fast or slow; you are in control over the speed of our sessions. There will also maybe a time during your journey that we may decide to decrease or increase sessions depending on your ability to handle the stressors in your life and the progress that you make. We honor your progress while allowing you to become self-sufficient. We trust that you have the abilities to overcome your challenges and to make the life that you choose. When we decide that you are ready to move forward, we will have a termination session in which we will explore the gifts that you gained from sessions.


Our LPC’s and LPC-I’s hourly cash rate fee is $100 for sessions and $150 for intake sessions. Our LPC’s and LPC-I’s do work with some government agencies/special circumstances including Crime Victim Compensation Program, Vocational Rehabilitation, car insurance claims, and worker’s compensation claims. We also offer low income services with our student intern from SOU for an hourly rate of $50 a session and $75 for intake sessions (we can offer a sliding fee schedule with this option only). Our LPC’s accept insurance as an in network or out of network provider (depending on the plan). If you are interested in using insurance, please call or email our biller prior to our scheduled meeting:

Jennie Perreard
(541) 840-6721
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

At this time, we accept check, credit cards, insurance, and cash. All fees/copayments are due at the end of scheduled appointments. We do enforce a no show fee schedule for any sessions that you have missed. If you have questions surrounding rates for legal assessments or community talks, please contact me for more information.

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