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Sarah graduated from Southern Oregon University, in Ashland Oregon, with a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and a Bachelor's Degree in Human Communications in 2011. She obtained a certificate in Human Resource Management and one in Mediation. She furthered her education with a Masters in Mental Health Counseling in December of 2013 at Southern Oregon University. During her studies at Southern Oregon University, she obtained experience as an individual counselor and co-facilitated a small group for ten weeks surrounding self-growth.

She continued her education by taking classes in advanced suicide intervention and natural disaster counseling through the American Counseling Association's (ACA) annual conference in 2012. She has completed two 40 hour trainings surrounding the different facets of domestic violence and sexual assault. Through ACA she has also taken a class surrounding assessment and treatment of self-injury and counseling perpetrators of domestic violence. She attended the ACA's annual conference in 2014 where she focused on increasing my knowledge surrounding suicide intervention, new trauma techniques, and ethics surrounding Queer theory. She has completed a yearlong training in Neurolinguistic Programing (NLP). This includes more body oriented forms of explorations, using different lenses to see you as a whole person, and creating the most individualized treatment for you surrounding the language and techniques that she chooses.

In 2015, she completed the training program with the International Association of Trauma Professionals which focused on the ways in which the body, mind, and overall person is effected by trauma. With the completion of this, she have obtained the credential of Certified Clinical Trauma Professional. She furthered her understanding of trauma through the completion of a course through the International Association of Trauma Professionals to work with traumatized children. Next, she has completed the first level of the Gottman Method for couples counseling. This method stresses the importance of assessments, creating a strong relationship, working on conflict management, teaching skills for being in relationships, and creating a shared meaning between the individuals in a relationship. Finally, she has completed the first two levels of the Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy (EDMR) which helps in the reprocessing of stuck memories which can follow us years down the road in the form of triggers. Please refer to the modalities page for more information surrounding EMDR.

Sarah is always stretching skills clinical skills, knowledge, and techniques that we can use in sessions. She believes that she can only take you as far as she have gone myself both professionally and personally. For this reason, she is always growing and learning new things which she can bring back to you. She promises to always bring you the more up to date information in the field to allow for the most effective treatment possible. Currently, she is working towards her certification as a Certified Expert Trauma Professional through the International Association for Trauma Professionals and EMDR certification through the EMDR International Association.


She has volunteered for a year at the crisis hotline with Community Works in Jackson County where she assisted individuals with manners surrounding general crisis, domestic violence, and sexual assault. During this time, she answered the phones for crisis calls and provided resources to individuals in need. She learned the importance of resources and how to effectively manage crisis situations. During my graduate work, she spent 6 months with the Women's Crisis Support Team as a counseling intern where she saw clients for individual counseling services (for various concerns), took shifts at the shelter, ran overnight shifts with the crisis helpline, and ran a psychoeducational group for staff surrounding burnout. She has been working as a counselor serving individuals with various concerns, couples, and groups since 2014 in Grants Pass and 2016 in Medford. As the Clinical Director for Rising Phoenix Counseling Services, LLC, she oversees all cases seen within Rising Phoenix Counseling Services, LLC, manages with any complaints brought forward by current or past clients, and provides trainings for her staff to ensure a group cohesion. For more detailed information surrounding her past experiences, any complaints, or services offered please feel free to call or email Sarah today.

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